How To Preserve Your Memories With Chatbooks


Chatbooks  is one of my most favorite things in the world! Since becoming a mom, I find myself taking pictures of EVERYTHING! From first foods, first steps, birthdays, and other celebrations– Chatbooks is the best way to document memories you want to keep forever.


What is Chatbooks? 

Chatbooks is a user friendly app that you can download right to your phone from the App Store. By connecting to your Facebook or Instagram , you can compile your pictures into mini 6″x 6″ photo albums that you will cherish for years to come! Chatbooks is very easy to use and pretty much does all the work for you! The app organizes all of your photos into a album containing 60 photos. So, for each 60 photos you post to social media, a new album will print and be shipped to your door. 


The biggest benefit of this service for me is not having to worry over the hassle of printing and paying for costly photos. I take hundreds of photos and that can really start to add up! And if you’re like I used to be, the prints may end up sitting in a box collecting dust. Chatbooks is super affordable starting at only $8 per book! I mean, that’s the cost of a hamburger and fries! You can’t beat the deal! 


Getting started with Chatbooks is simple! As a gift to you, I’m sharing my referral link so that you get your first album FREE! That’s a Free Chatbook  –an $8 value! There are no hidden fees or catches. You can sign up for the one free album or subscribe to receive one each month. My excitement explodes when I find the little blue envelope in my mailbox each month! You truly can’t put a price on having your memories right there in your hands. 


Chatbooks offers soft covers (for $8) and hard back covers (for $13). They also have dozens of gorgeous covers to choose from to customize your books. My series, shown here, is by Rifle Paper Co. . I love the beautiful floral look of these! So classic and sophisticated! 


I pay an extra small fee of only $2 more dollars to use these covers making my total $10 per book. There are many different cover options including my new favorite, Kate Spade. However, if you wish to keep your book $8, you can choose to print with your own photo on the cover. 

This service is truly wonderful and so convenient for Moms like me who don’t always have a lot of time. I can’t brag enough about how awesome it is not having to worry about losing precious photos or having them piled up on my phone. They’re perfect for chubby little fingers and my husband even enjoys looking at them. I know that one day we will spread these sweet books out on the coffee table and spend hours reflecting. And I will thank myself for using this company to preserve our memories! 

Enjoy one free Chatbook on me: Free Chatbook

(I am not being paid or sponsored by Chatbooks to write this post. This is just a great app that is too good to keep to myself and I wanted to share with you!)


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