30 Things To Be Grateful For


I always look forward to the beautiful season we are about to embark in. The delicious food, the chill in the air, and twinkling lights are great but have you took a step back and really relished in your blessings? We have SO much to express our gratitude for! As I get older, the hustle and bustle of the season doesn’t appeal to me as much as it once did. I look for the quiet in the holidays. The opportunity to stand still and take in all the Lord has blessed me with and enjoy making new memories with my family. I’m so lucky to get to play such an important role in these little lives! I’ve come to realize that you won’t remember all of the details that went in to the dinner or the color of the sweater you unwrapped. You’ll look back and remember the time and laughter shared with those you love. This month, I want to savor the things I’m most thankful for. I’ve put together a list of “30 Things To Be Thankful For” this season for you! I encourage you to take a few minutes to compile a list of things of your own and put it on your fridge or somewhere that you can see it! 

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1. You are living and breathing.
2. You have someone that loves you dearly.
3. Mornings you can sleep as late as you want.
4. Memories of past holidays.
5. The clothes you are wearing.
6. The warm food on your table.
7. For lessons learned–the good and the bad.
8. Your children.
9. Your spouse or significant other.
10. Books and the ability to be transported to other worlds through their pages.
11. Your good health.
12. The changing of leaves.
13. A strangers kindness.
14. Your parents.
15. Your siblings.
16. Modern conveniences.
17. Traveling and experiencing new places and people.
18. A cozy, comfy bed.
19. Music and being able to relate to the lyrics.
20. Great friendships.
21. Clean water.
22. Sunshine peeping in your windows.
23. Reaching a goal.
24. The fresh new start each morning brings.
25. Hot cocoa and a crackling fire.
26. Old movies you love to watch again and again.
27. A seasonal candle to set the tone in your home.
28. Old photographs.
29. The holiday cards that fill your mailbox this time of year.
30. The peace of knowing Jesus Christ.

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I would like to take a moment to express to my readers how grateful I am for each and everyone of you. Thank you for allowing me into your homes and lives for just a few minutes a day. If I inspire or encourage just one of you, then it has all been worth it. Leave me a few words telling me what you are thankful for this season! 




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