Your Identity In Christ




Hope you guys had a great weekend! Ours was packed with lots of fun Halloween activities! On Saturday we enjoyed our annual family Halloween party! We look forward to this event every year! My parents went all out with a big inflatable jumping house for the kids, truck loads of candy, and the cutest costumes to boot! We went as characters from the hit 90’s show “Saved by the Bell”. I mean, how stinking cute is this mini Zack Morris?! He could definitely give Mark Paul Gosselaar a run for his money! 


What’s going on, Preppy?

Sunday morning we enjoyed some much needed rest and snuggle time. Then, we headed over to Montgomery where the Biscuits baseball team, an affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays, hosted a candywalk for the children. Such a fun filled weekend! I just love bringing smiles to my boys faces! 

             Tomorrow the streets will be taken over by witches, goblins, and other masked creatures. Halloween is a fun tradition where your imagination can run wild and all your favorite characters come to life. I am a big enthusiast of this holiday and enjoy the excitement of finding the perfect costume to surprise my family with. I usually spend weeks contemplating ideas! This year will be especially fun with two excited little tricksters!         


                Like wearing a mask on Halloween, there can be times in our lives when we feel we no longer recognize the person we see in the mirror. We are so focused on others perception of us that eventually, the things that others label us become what we believe about ourselves and we lose sight of the image God has defined for us. You are not defined by what others think of you! You’re identity in Christ has already been found!

“He has identified us as his own by placing the Holy Spirit in our hearts.” (2 Corinthians 1:22)

     Isn’t it awesome that Jesus knows all your skeletons and still calls you a child of God? He doesn’t define us by our successes or failures! He rescues us from the monster of comparison and reminds us that we are enough because we were created in His own image. He casts away that veil of darkness and shines the light of peace upon our lives. Halloween is a day for fun memories and lots and lots of candy!! But it’s also the beginning of a beautiful season of change! Take this opportunity to shed your mask,  dust the cobwebs from your soul, and allow yourself to be freed from the chains that bind you. The devil is full of tricks but Jesus is the ultimate treat!


          I would love to know what your kiddos (or you!) are dressing as for Halloween! Leave me a comment! Have the best day! 


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