Home Is Where Mama Is



(This is a previously written post from my old blog I revised and wanted to share again.)

       Each year a new mother bird moves into the shabby nest that decorates the top rafter of my porch. The nest is made of straw and other natural elements found by the first mama bird who lived there. Little did she know while preparing this delicate, cozy home for her babies that this nest would also serve as future shelter for others seeking a place to raise their little ones.

        Aren’t we ourselves similar to mama  birds in a way? Our calling is to create a safe haven for our children built upon warmth and love. Our duty involves ensuring they are physically & spiritually fed all while protecting them from the conditions of the world. We carefully guard them under the refuge of our wings, just as our Father does, until they’re ready to soar from the nest.


         Mamas, we set the order of this whole universe into motion. We are equipping little lives to embark on the beautiful journey of life. Just like our feathered friends, we have been given this great purpose to fulfill. We’ve been called to a higher duty of sacrificing ourselves for the greater good of another being. Mama birds never worry how they will protect or provide for the life they have been blessed with. Because they know that no matter what situation they face, the Lord already has and will continue to provide all that’s necessary in order to thrive as a caretaker. 


        Building the perfect nest requires straws of patience, strands of humility, and a warm bed of grace. It takes a lot of long days and hard nights but the end result is truly a beautiful story unfolded. And your little ones are always nestled deep within the comfy hollows of your heart. No matter where the nest is made, home is where mama is!




  One more thing! Let’s talk about how awesome this Mama Bird Tee is from The Bee & Fox! They even have some sweet things for baby birds! Love! 

the bee & the fox

Thank you for reading! xOxO,


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