Long Term Dreams & How To Achieve Them



“Every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them.” 


     Once upon a time, there was a dream born inside of a little girl. This was no ordinary dream. This was a powerful, clenching hope that was planted deep within the hollows of her soul. A goal so large that it would take a lot of hard work and hours to attain. The little girl didn’t mind the challenge she faced and planned to do whatever it took to achieve what she had set her heart and mind upon. The girl grew and grew until one day she turned into an adult. She was tired and had spent many days thinking of this ambition she had. It kept her awake at night, made her frustrated, and she began to question if she would ever reach the plans she had. But the intense fire inside of her raged. She aspired greatly to make her dreams come true..and though it took her longer than she imagined it would..those dreams became a reality. All because of a little girl who refused to give up! If you haven’t guessed it yet, I am speaking of yours truly! I am the little girl turned big girl with an unbreakable dream. You see, when I set my eyes on something, I won’t stop until it’s mine. Over the years, some dreams tend to pass away. But then there are those that eat away at you night and day. The ones that cling to you like a dryer sheet stuck to your clothes. No matter how hard you try to fight it, it just sticks! 

    I once saw a quote on Pinterest that said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Boom! In order to achieve something, we have to have a plan in place. 

     You should start by sitting down with a piece of paper and pen. Write out DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY, & YEARLY goals. Jot down personal, marriage, parenting, financial, and lifelong goals. You will hold yourself more accountable if they are written out. Put your list somewhere that you can see it many times a day! But remember, it’s only a piece of paper unless you take action!

   Each of us are given 365 opportunities each year to fulfill our dreams! We will never reach that success if we do not change our daily routine. In order to reach greatness, we must do what it takes to get there. That may mean waking up earlier, spending less, exercising more, doing something you fear. And being around those that support your aspirations! There is no greater dream killer than negative words. I am lucky to have been blessed with a husband and family that have supported any wild idea I have come up with! A good support system is essential along your journey! 

   I have a dream to someday open my own children’s bookstore. I envision children sitting around in a circle for afternoon story time, colorful books lining the walls, a whimsical shop filled with learning toys, summer camps, and characters from popular children’s books stopping by for visits. A happy place for children to come to and be transported to a magical forest or princess castle! Dreams are born when you are young after all. This is a long term dream I have.



     What are some of your long term dreams? Today is a great day to start on your path to making them come true! Dreams are like breathing. Everyone does it. But not everyone will do what it takes to see theirs come to fruition. The time will pass anyway. Will you spend it  chasing them or wishing? 



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