Fall Activities For Toddlers

Processed with VSCO with a4 presetLooking for fun activities to do with your toddler this Fall? I’m glad you stopped by! I have created a list of fun activities for you and your little ones so you don’t have to worry about running out of things to do! Keep reading! 


    I was laughing with my Mom the other day because she sent me this meme of a woman stepping outside with her pumpkin spice latte, hat, and Fall boots only to realize it’s still 80 degrees outside. I admit… I’m the one you see rolling a shopping cart full of pumpkins across the parking lot struggling to stuff them all in the back of my mini SUV.  I’m one of those annoying people that start putting out pumpkins at the end of August/beginning of September. I’ve already burned through four Fall scented candles and it looks like the pumpkin patch exploded all over my house. I just love love love this time of year and the genuine joy that it brings. You can almost feel the excitement hanging in the crisp air. One thing that I look forward to the most is creating meaningful traditions for my family. That’s why each year I create a fun little checklist of activities for us to do over the months of September-November. I have been making Fall bucket lists since our dating days and when Easton & AC came along those bucket lists started to look a lot different! 


   We have already checked several things off of our list this year such as going on a nature walk! Easton loves going on a nature walk nearly every afternoon. I give him a plastic Ziplock bag and he explores all over our yard and under our big oak trees picking up acorns, Spanish moss, crunchy leaves, and everything he deems perfect enough for his growing collection. We’ve also been to the pumpkin patch at Penton Farms which you can read about a few posts back! 




    I try my best to have a fun fall activity planned each day to take full advantage of this beautiful season we are in! I would love to add some things to our list for next year. What are some things you enjoy doing with your kiddos during Autumn? 

Thanks for stopping by– Happy Fall Y’all! 


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